Video In Rich Media Ads More Likely To Lead Customers To Purchase

Rich media with video drives success more than four times that of Flash according to a  new report from DoubleClick and Dynamic Logic. This is just one of many findings detailed in a survey commissioned by Google that looks at the impact of ad format selection on branding results.

According to the reserach, online ads using audio and video achieve a greater impact on Brand Awareness at a lower frequency exposure frequency than other standard online ad formats. In fact, exposure to audio/video ads increases Brand Awareness by 10.0 percentage points.

Exposing viewers to ads containing video also increased the ‘favourability’ of the brand. Viewers perceptions of the brand were more positive simply because of the presence of video – as compared to static or animated flash ads.

Video ads also had significantly higher (aided) brand awareness scores compared to other rich media and static ads.

Bottom line – the study indicates that people who see video in a rich media ad are more likely to make the purchase – compared with static images or flash animation. Considering the prevalence of non-video based ads on the web this study should be a wake-up call to agencies who continue to build static web-based ads for their clients.

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